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Planning a trip is difficult...but we all want an adventure. That’s why we made Outdoor Goyo - custom packing lists and curated product recommendations. Let’s go!

Help From a Friend

The internet complicates recreation by marketing thousands of products without connection to how they work best for you. The best advice in preparing for an adventure comes from an experienced friend or being outfitted by a professional. Outdoor Goyo combines the two: trustworthy resources and an outfitters touch.

Personalized Packing List

Using your trip parameters, we pull the destination weather to create a personalized packing list. Need to pack a sleeping bag for camping? We help make sure it s rated for the right temperature. Expecting rain? We remind you to bring rain gear.

One Stop Shop

Directly from the packing list, you have the ability to purchase our recommended products hand-picked by our experts from our experience and extensive research. We partner with retailers like Backcountry, Bass Pro, B&H, Zappos,, and many more to give you the best prices from reliable sources.

See Through the Clutter

We don't just list random products and leave you researching all over the web like most retailers... we curate the list down to three solid options: good, better, and best. We've done our homework, we've found the best items, and we're here to make getting outside easier than ever.

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