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Inspiration for Runners


Written by Goyo

We sat down with ultramarathon runner Bri Jaskot for an interview (check out the full interview here). Not only did she give us insight into her life as a runner, she provided us with some media that inspires her. “Here's a lot of content that makes me want to get after it,” she said. “I basically spend winter watching this stuff just itching to get out. But be forewarned- If you watch these, you WILL most likely sign up for an ultra.” 

After watching these videos, we were all totally inspired to get outside and make something of ourselves. Whether or not you love to run up mountains, you’ll surely appreciate people pushing their limits and embracing the power of their bodies and minds. 

Inspiring videos 

Pretty much anything with Courtney Dauwalter:

Other Salomon TV content that gets me fired up! I could send too many, so this is me limiting myself…

Longer form documentaries 

Momentum Generation & Take Every Wave 

I love watching big wall climbing & Big Wave surfing. Though each of those are different from ultra running or mountain running I find watching content from both those disciplines to be so inspiring! 

Podcast: Rich Roll and David Goggins. I listen to this at least once a year. 

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