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Goyo Auburn Adventure Race

Course Details

Written by Goyo

Adventure racing (AR) is a one-of-a-kind sport bringing together multiple activities into one race format. Most races use map and compass to navigate the terrain usually with paddling, mountain biking, and trekking. At times, there are ropes courses and various other surprise activities thrown into a race (like roller blading). Adventure races can be anything from a few hours to multiple day expeditions and they are hosted in locations around the world. For more information on how to get involved or to find a race near you, check out the USARA website

To train for an upcoming expedition, my team and I (The Jackalopes) decided to put together a training course in Auburn, California, just in the western foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The area hosts some of the best whitewater rafting, rocking climbing and mountain biking in the state. This course, however, does not incorporate the whitewater portions of the river due to experience and safety concerns, but if you feel comfortable to add it in there, go for it. 


Be prepared for a 36 hour adventure if you opt into all the checkpoints

  • Trek 16 miles
  • Bike 35 miles
  • Rappel (optional)
  • Orienteer 14 miles
  • Paddle 18 miles
  • Bike 28 miles (optional)

Prep work:

  • Stash bikes at Ruckachuck CG (gates only open sunrise to sunset)

Course Notes

  • Optional checkpoint B7 if you want to rappel, otherwise, you can skip it
  • Two options for TA2. you can swim across the river (option 1), do the orienteering course and then swim back to the west side of the river to continue on bike. OR you can bike to (option 2), do the orienteering course and then ride back north to continue on to checkpoint B8. 
  • Orienteering course is special thanks to NavX who designed the course and put it online for us to use. They edited it so you can start the course at any checkpoint, you don’t need to start at the ‘start’. Use the MapRun6 app on your phone to be notified when you’ve found the checkpoints. If you’re not a NavX member, please have at least one person on your team sign up for the membership. It’s $25 and the least we can do to use their course. 
  • The last bike section is optional since the last TA and finish are in the same place, depending on timing and energy. 
  • Poison oak is everywhere, wear long pants and sleeves. Beware of rattlesnakes
  • When the water is stale or not running, be aware of algae buildup, could be dangerous to drink/swim. Stash water at TAs if needed. 
  • Course has been flagged with red timber flagging up until B12. Be sure to write down all the keywords on the checkpoints as a passport. Please bring your own flagging and a sharpie. If you can continue the course, that would be awesome! Feel free to make more checkpoints, the more the merrier!
  • Should you have any questions, you can email me at greg@outdoorgoyo.com. I’d love to finish the course myself, so let me know when you're planning to do it and I’d be down to tag along!

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