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Stasher Bags Review

Reducing The Amount of Single-Use Plastic

Written by Goyo

The planet earth is struggling these days and human beings are responsible for much of its demise. But we also have the opportunity to change our destructive ways and create a better planet for the future. 

One of the best inventions to change our lifestyle has been plastic. Life got easier with plastic, but that progressed to the point where we were using plastic for a single use. We buy bottled water in plastic containers just to drink a cup of fresh H2O... All this plastic gets thrown away, put into a landfill and dumped into the ocean to never decompose. 

With more and more people joining us on the planet every year, our impacts are compounding and our waste is overflowing. People have been sounding the alarms for years, but many companies are finally coming around to matching quality products with a market demand. One of those companies is Stasher. 

Stasher has created an endlessly reusable, non-toxic silicone storage bag to replace those single-use ziplocks. 

We’ve used Stasher Bags in our family for years and they’ve over exceeded our expectations. We knew we wanted to make a change in our habits to do a small part to help the planet. Here's some highlights of what we like and dislike about the Stasher Bags. You can probably tell from the intro, the conclusion is clear that these bags are amazing and we recommend them to everyone we know!

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Endlessly Reusable: In the few years that we’ve owned these bags, there’s no real sign of them tearing or wearing out. 

Multiple Uses: I was confused at first how silicone could be dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer, and boil safe, but it actually is! 

Easy to Clean: The silicone makes it very easy to clean and there’s no odor residue, even in the stinkiest of situations. 

Sustainable: This is the key benefit of these bags! It takes everyone to make an impact, both good and bad, so we owe it to ourselves and our planet to be smarter, more resourceful, and waste less


Liquid Seal: Don’t try to put liquids in these bags and expect them to seal. If you’re going to freeze the liquid, it’s fine, just make sure the bag is upright. 

The Burp: Like a baby, whenever you fill these bags you have to remember to burp the excess air from the bag before sealing so the bag won’t open from the pressure. This isn’t a con once you understand how to use them, so more of an FYI. 

Well, now the cat’s out of the bag! Ha. But in all seriousness, let’s all take some time to think about our individual impacts on the planet, our waste, and how we use our planet’s resources. 

If you have experience with Stasher Bags, let us know what you think of them. If there are other ways you try to minimize your impact on the planet, we’d love to hear from you!

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