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Sea to Summit Pro Hammock Double Review

Sea to Summit Pro Hammock Double Review - Outdoor Goyo

Written by Goyo

Let’s talk about one of our favorite pieces of gear: the Sea to Summit Pro Hammock Double. It’s amazing: super light, super cool and answers all the questions you didn't know you had about other hammocks on the market today. 


First off, its got a killer little compression bag with silky-smooth straps. Everybody likes that! Super easy pop out pull the drawstring. Because there is a compression sack, the whole thing can compact SO small. 


Now the straps are sold separately (link below) and they come in their own little bag, but I actually think they fit in the main compression sack just fine if you kind of stuff them. I prefer to keep everything in one bag. Make sure you have (2) two straps for each hammock, one for each side.

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So we usually set up a hammock between two trees. Wrap the straps all the way around your tree, put it through the end, and you are as of right now halfway to setting your hammock. That’s how easy this is!

Alright, now that you got both your straps set up, all that’s left to do is just use the easy latch system to connect the hammock. The only thing to keep in mind here is keep the little emblem of a tree pointing at the tree. 

My single favorite thing is that it tightens up unlike every other hammock strap system. This setup is so much easy. Just put the little hooky thing through a loopy thing, then it tightens up just like a belt when you pull the strap.

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When it comes time to take it down, the process couldn't be any easier. First off, you'll never lose the bag because it's integrated in with the design of the  hammock. It's also made out of the same super durable ripstop nylon as the rest of the whole thing. To break down, just reverse the process you did to set it up. Easy peasy!

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