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Spearhead - Backcountry BC's Wild Traverse

BC's Wild Traverse

Written by Goyo

In between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, a path has been established going back to 1964 as one of the best ski traverses in North America. But as time goes on and more people want a piece of the adventure, there’s a question of how much to control the populations. This issue isn’t new, look at places in Europe like Chamonix that have had to adjust to all the safety hazards and human waste that comes along with such an influx of people to one area. 

This film by Origin and Arcteryx includes the skiing of Greg Hill, Eric Hjorleifson, among others and is well worth a few minutes of your day. 

Props to Spearhead Huts Project for the successful grand opening of their new Kees and Claire Hut! To learn more visit: www.spearheadhuts.org

For a hilarious version of this traverse, check out Cody Townsend’s attempt to beat the fastest known time on the route. As primarily a downhill skier, Cody sets off for a seven hour journey and makes a few jokes along the way.

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