Why We Do What We Do

And a little bit about our team

Outdoor Goyo

Now more than ever, the experience of being outside awakens our senses and brings us humans back to a simpler and more grateful place. We’ll always be grounded in nature and use its power to heal, explore, and play.

Outdoor Goyo strives to promote that energy and spread it across the world. We believe that enjoying the outdoors shouldn’t be complicated and we’re here to simplify. With each piece of content, there’s a unique opportunity: a new activity to try, a new place to discover, a new mentor to model, a different perspective to adapt.

Please take a look around and get familiar with the site. You’ll notice we have open comment sections in the journal and a full list of events on our calendar that celebrate the outdoors. We invite you to participate and join our community using the newsletter form below and connecting on social media.

Right now, our team is developing advanced features for this site that will change the way people prepare for adventures, making life easier and connecting more people to the beauties of nature.

Have fun and be safe!

Meet the Team

Greg Callas
Hollis Callas

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